Colleen Parr

Colleen Parr is a graduate of University of Toronto where she earned her Bachelor degree in physiotherapy.

She continued her post-graduate studies in accupuncture, earning certification from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Colleen has also completed a number of post-graduate courses including those in manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and she is a certified McKenzie Method practitioner.

Optimum Performance Physiotherapy

Optimum Performance Physiotherapy is a private clinic offering a full complement of physiotherapy services including a number of specialized programs and services.  Our philosophy is to offer patients individualized, evidence-based, one-one-one care, and the most advanced therapies and techniques.  We offer assessment and treatment to patients with various orthopaedic conditions, patients with various neurological conditions, patients suffering from chronic pain, including pelvic pain (pain during PAP tests and/or sexual intercourse), urinary incontinence, persistent swelling not related to cardiac function (lymphedema), and patients who experience dizziness, disequilibrium and difficulties with balance.  We also specialize in treating patients with serious injuries including MVA and WSIB patients.