ACL Injury Prevention Program

The ACL Injury Prevention Program is based on a 3-year U.S study that:
1) examined movement patterns that predispose female athletes to non-contact ACL injuries, 2) assessed the influence of a training program in altering faulty biomechanics and movement patterns, and 3) assessed the effectiveness of the training program in preventing ACL injuries in female athletes.

  • Participation of young girls in sports like soccer and basketball has significantly increased in recent years.
  • Incidence of ACL injuries has also significantly increased.
  • Female athletes are reported to have 4 o 6 times greater rates of ACL injuries than male athletes participating in the same sports.
  • 70% of ACL injuries do not involve any direct contact with another player or object, but occur during a dynamic task such as landing or cutting as the athlete is decelerating and/or changing direction.

The ACL Injury Prevention Program

... includes thorough biomechanical assessment of each athlete and the mechanical and neuromuscular aspects of sport specific movements.  an individualized training program based on assessment findings is prepared for each athlete.  The athlete is then introduced to the program and is progressed through the training program.

In follow up studies, the ACL Injury Prevention Program demonstrated 74% reduction in ACL injuries among female athletes who participated in the program.  This program is now available here.