Falls Prevention Program

  • The leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for adults over 65 years of age is falls.
  • One third of adults over the age of 65, report that dizziness and imbalance cause diminished quality of life.
  • Those with known vestibular dysfunction have an eight times great risk of falling.

Decreased activity, subsequent loss of muscle mass and increased risk of osteoporosis combines to intensify the need for supervised specific exercise within the Falls Prevention Program.

The Falls Prevention Program includes an individualized assessment of posture, gait, core strength, static and dynamic balance, head and eye movement and coordination tests, and screening for vestibular dysfunction.  Following the assessment, a risk for falls is determined.  Based on the assessment findings, an individualized treatment plan is formulated.

Treatment consists of gait aid recommendations, home and clinic-based exercise programs that include strengthening, static and dynamic balance activities, specific head/body/eye coordination and proprioceptive exercise.  Exercises are instructed and carefully observed for safe performance by experienced physiotherapists in one-to-one treatment sessions.